USWNT Celebration and Statement in NYC

The USWNT rode up The Canyon of Heroes, enjoying a ticker tape parade in lower Manhattan as they celebrated their second consecutive and fourth overall FIFA Women's World Cup Championship. Ticker tape parades, a traditional welcome to New York City reserved for returning heroes, be they World Leaders, War Heroes or more recently Sports Champions, gets its names due to the fact that long thin ribbons of paper or "tape", printed from a "ticker" during the earlier days of the Stock Market would be tossed from Wall St. offices as a confetti. Long after the ticker had become obsolete shredded documents were substituted. I mention this because, sadly, due to our ever increasingly paperless environment, there was very little actual confetti at this parade as opposed to past ticker tape parades, say Mets circa 1986.

Megan Rapinoe leans off the side of a float to capture the perfect selfie angle as teammates and NYC Mayor DeBlassio join in the celebration riding along The Canyon of Heroes during a Victory Ticker Tape Parade. Photo by Brian Hester

Team USA Captain Megan Rapinoe basks in the glow of a ticker tape parade celebrating The USWNT World Cup victory. Rapinoe scored what was the game winner on a penalty shot late in the second half of the championship game against the Netherlands this past Sunday in France. Photo by Brian Hester

Fans of all ages including this adorable young gir wave flags along the parade route. Photo by Brian Hester

A group of young girls celebrate the USWNT at the ticker tape parade. Photo by Brian Hester

The team, with many members currently involved in a lawsuit demanding equal pay relative to their male counterparts, were welcomed by throngs of fans and supporters.

All along the Parade route there were Calls for Equal Pay from parade goers and street vendors as only New Yorker's can explain.

Street Vendor Shiffra Makes a Solid Case for Equal Pay Brian Hester Reporting Live

Four fans from NJ, L-r, Regina Albano of West Orange, Michelle Trippiano of Clifton, Roschelle Albano of West Orange, and Casey Welch of Hackettstown show their pride with flags and USA letters as they await the start of the parade. Michelle had actually traveled to France on a spur of the monument decision after the US women won the quarter final match. The women took a few minutes to speak with about issues surrounding Equal Pay and the changing landscape of women's sports. See interview below. Photo by Brian Hester

Hear what these women had to say at today's USWNT Ticker Tape Parade in NYC Brian Hester Reporting Live

Julie Ertz enjoys the view from the front of the float as she rides north up the Canyon if Heroes on Broadway. Photo by Brian Hester

Members of Team USA celebrate as NYC Mayor Bill DeBlassio waves a flag. Photo by Brian Hester

A fans hoists up a giants replica of a female soccer player as the crowds cheer to welcome home the USA Women's National Team. Photo by Brian Hester

A group of young women await the start of the parade along Broadway in Lower Manhattan. Photo by Brian Hester

Fans are all smiles as they get ready to cheer and celebrate with the USWNT as the parade up The Canyon Heroes. NYPD Officers can be seen in the background as always ensuring our freedom to safely, securely assemble in incredibly large public events such as this. God Bless The NYPD. Photo by Brian Hester

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