Smiles at the Rainbow

Welcome to my site. Thank you for taking the time to look around. Please revisit regularly as I plan on frequent updates and blog post covering any nature of events.  I am officially Re-launching this site today after much more work and collaboration with an amazing web developer, more about that later. I decided on today’s date as, it correlates to a personal anniversary of a negative nature from many years ago that I am now ready to change to a happy date instead because that’s what my siblings would truly want. On this date in 1982 I lost two brothers, Matthew, & Owen, and a sister, There’s a in house fire that struck in the middle of the night. I was 15 and very close with brother Matthew. On many years, as today, I drive to the site and walk about, say a prayer and smile because it looks like happy people live there now. As I drove through the old neighborhood this afternoon I stopped in to buy a lottery ticket at Rainbow Liquors. One of my brothers had worked for the owner Chris for many years making sandwiches at the deli counter and my father would buy his paper and a coffee there daily for decades. As I was heading to the door a woman pushing a stroller approached. I held the door and helped her inside. The baby, about two and cute as could be was crying because of the cold. I began to play with the little boy until he was laughing and giving me high fives. As the mother was leaving the owner, still Chris by the way, called out to the boy, “bye Matthew”. After they left Chris and I talked and caught up as it had been many years since I had seen him. I explained how great it was that the little boy was named Matthew. We smiled. He sold me the winning lottery ticket for tomorrow night and we partied ways. Please feel free to check for regular updates and enjoy the photos and posts.  Photo by Brian Hester

Rainbow Liquors & Deli Mt. Prospect Ave. Newark, NJ Photo by Brian Hester

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