Mother's Day Flowers & a Peaceful Pause

Brian Hester Reporting

May 10, 2020

Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s in the world. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s pulling double duty and the Dad raising kids alone. Happy Mother’s Day to our collective Mother. Mother Earth. Happy Mother’s Day to all who “mother’. We have returned to the Borinski Family Farm in scenic Lincoln Park, NJ to share more of their beautiful flowers as we did back on Easter Sunday morning.

Unprecedented times call for new approaches to all things. Due to this Covid beast our world has changed. For some this will be a first year without their Mom. For others, the first year without their beloved child. I humbly ask that we all take a moment to stop and pray for those that mourn, that they may be comforted. Even if you have no use for any organized religion nor any higher power, simply stop and think of those so harshly effected but the Covid virus.

With so many businesses closed many may have had a harder time than normal in finding that special gift to honor mom. Not to worry. I received so much positive feedback from my Easter Flowers article that I went back to the farm, Borinski Farm, in Lincoln Park, NJ, to capture some more beautiful flowers to share. If you could not get to the florist, or your local market was out of flowers, our good friends on the farm graciously allowed us to shoot and share some of their beautiful flowers. All you need to do is forward this story to whomever you wanted to gift flowers to this morning, and you are all set. Keep in mind one interesting note, the farmers is losing tons of business during this pandemic and they are forced to watch their hard word literally dying on the vines in front of them. The Borinski farm has stood in Lincoln Park for close to a century. The loss of revenue not withstanding the family thought it would be doing some measure of good to share the flowers with the world. Here. For all to see. Enjoy.

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