I Can't See - A Must See

Are you and your friends looking for a good scare this Halloween season? Are you brave enough to take a chance? Can you follow simple instructions, such as "Don't Die"? If you answered "Yes" then "I Can't See" is the must attend event for you this Halloween season in New York City.

I Can't See now open for limited engagement at 133 Greenwich Street in lower Manhattan. Photo by Brian Hester

Psycho Clan, the creative team behind many well-known NYC immersive productions, opened I CAN’T SEE, an all-new heart pounding immersive horror theater experience just in time for the Halloween season.  Inspired by The Toll House, the classic British ghost story by W.W, Jacobs, I CAN’T SEE is created by Psycho Clan original members Timothy Haskell and Paul Smithyman and will run September 25th through November 3rd at 133 Greenwich Street in Manhattan. Performances are Tuesdays-Sundays at various times. Visit www.nightmarenyc.com for complete details.

The journey starts here at reception where visitors must sign off on the all important safety waivers. Photo by Brian Hester

Imagine if you will being alone in total darkness in the middle of NYC. You can hear people around you and things moving in the area and in the distance as well as, yes, things that go bump in the night, some way to close for comfort. Visitors are double blindfolded after signing the insurance safety waivers. Wireless headphones are placed on their ears. With zero sight and all sound supplied the producers create a truly immersive horror experience.

A member of the Optecs team places a second blindfold on a visitor at I Can't See. Photo by Brian Hester

One of a dozen or so actors is seen helping guide a visitor through this incredible immersive horror experience. Photo by Brian Hester

All in all I would have to say this immersive horror experience is NOT for everyone; Those with pre-existing heart conditions, weakened hearts or phobias of any type are best advised to stay home. If on the other hand you see yourself as a brave, strong, adventure seeking adrenaline junkie then by all means this event is for you. Just a word of advise - "Don't Die"

It's all Halloween Fun until you find yourself alone in total darkness in New York City. Photo by Brian Hester

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