Frightening Halloween Attack Kills 8 in NYC

A driver plowed a pickup truck down a crowded bike path along the Hudson River in Manhattan on Tuesday, killing 8 people and injuring 11 others, before being shot by a police officer in what officials are calling the deadliest terrorist attack on New York City since Sept. 11, 2001.

The rampage ended when the motorist — whom the police identified as Savfullo Saipov, 29 — smashed into a school bus, jumped out of his truck and ran up and down the highway waving a pellet gun and paintball gun and shouting “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” before he was shot in the abdomen by the officer. He remained in critical condition on Tuesday evening.

The attack unfolded as nearby schools were letting out on a Halloween afternoon. It ended five blocks north of the World Trade Center. The driver left a roughly mile-long crime scene: a tree-lined bike path strewn with bodies, mangled bicycles and bicycle parts, from wheels twisted like pretzels to a dislodged seat.

Students in Halloween costumes streamed out of nearby schools after lockdowns were lifted and huddled with parents. Their faces, once painted for the holiday, were streaked with tears.

The NYPD ensured that the several hundred thousand people, many wearing masks covering their faces, attending the annual NYC Village Halloween Parade only couple of hours later and a few blocks away came and went without any further incident. A testament to the greatest Police Department in the world.

Law Enforcement Officers and First responders from multiple city, state and federal agencies converge upon the scene of the deadly crash. Photo by Brian Hester

Two parents try to keep their costumed children calm as they wait for a lock down to be lifted at PS 234 located just two blocks from the attack. Photo By Brian Hester

A NY State Trooper cruiser blocks the intersection at Chambers & Greenwich streets as Law Enforcement personal directed traffic around the attack scene. Photo by Brian Hester

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