Emerging New Artist "Discovered" at 65

Brian Hester Reporting from New Jersey

Meet Dale Sipos an incredible artist from the great state of New Jersey. Please feel free to take a look at some of Dale's amazing photos on his instagram and coverage of this years A Walk To Believe I have known Dale for many years through our connection to Rutgers University and more specifically through Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football. As many of you already know Rutgers is The Birthplace of College Football with your Scarlet Knights having played the first ever College Football game against Princeton way back on November 6, 1869. While we are both long, long, long time supports of Rutgers Football , contrary local legend, neither Dale nor myself was actually at that first game.

Dale did letter in football at Rutgers as part of the O line in '72 & '73, (1972 & 1973 lol). So with any further fanfare lets take a look at some of Dale's amazing photos from this past weekend. More info will be woven in below.

A Walk To Believe has always been a very pet friendly event and this blue eyed German Shepard enjoyed the day. Photo by Dale Sipos

5K finisher Jimmy and some of his Jimmy Strong teammates . Photo by Dale Sipos

Our featured photographer, Dale, began taking photos while serving in the US Navy for four years starting in 1975. He credits he incredible eye for capturing beautiful images to his many years in the sign business. Dales other passion in life has always been football. He has coached high school football in New Jersey for 40 years. Dale coached at Lodi, Ridgefield Park, Tenafly, Hackettstown and most recently, the past 13 years at Hasbrouck Heights where the team won a State Championship this past season.

A young runner takes in the opening ceremonies from the concourse level at Highpoint Solutions Stadium Photo by Dale Sipos

Life long Rutgers Football fan and original A Walk To Believe volunteer, current Secretary and Race Coordinator Jame Maguire and his son Gavin at the race. Gavin has been a big supporter in his own right having raised tons of money for the cause over the years and winning his age category in past years. Photo by Dale Sipos

One of my favorite parts of discovering what a talented photographer Dale arose from when I first asked him to volunteer to help me cover one of Eric's other big events, The Second Annual Eric Legrnd Flag Football Tournament As I had mentioned Dale and I have known each other for many years. I follow his social media accounts and had been seeing so many beautiful photos on his instagram that I decided to ask him to help out with photos. Dale being Dale, jumped at the chance to help out. We are all Rutgers, its how we roll. F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Rutgers Scarlet Knight making the rounds prior to the start of the ninth annual A Walk To Believe at Highpoint Solutions Stadium Photo be Dale Sipos

Dale did have one slight concern. He mentioned that he no longer had fancy expensive professional camera gear and that all of his photos come from his cellphone. I laughed. I explained that it's never the camera --- It's always the photographer. As a professional photographer and photojournalist, I have had people tell me "Oh that's an incredible photo -- You must have some fantastic cameras" Folks think about that... That is the same as being served an amazing meal and then telling the chef, "Wow that was very tasty - You must have an incredible stove". The advent of more readily available cameras at lower costs, i.e. cellphone cameras, has introduce many many people to the world of photography. This is a good thing. The entire creative process is benefiting exponentially due to the increased availability of cameras and we should remember that creativite possibilities are always infinite. My message to aspiring photographers of any age, "Never be intimidated by camera gear, take what you can get your hands on and Shoot, Shoot, Shoot. And share. And remember the most important aspect of creating any photo is the Photographer." Take a look below at some more of Dale's photos from this past weekend and look for new featured photographers here in the future.

Gavin Maguire running along the 5K course at the 2019 A Walk To Believe Photo by Dale Sipos

Jimmy is all smiles after completing the 5K Photo by Dale Sipos

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