Busy, Busy, Busy, Broadway Brian Goes Off Broadway for a Week

Brian Hester Reporting

March 1, 2020

Greetings and good day Broadway fans,

Just need to set the record straight, I have been super busy as always, but I will get us all caught up this afternoon. Where to begin? This past Tuesday I took a ride to Newark, NJ. Twice? In one day. What a treat. I love my city. I haven’t lived in Newark for over 25 years, but I was born and raised there. I digress. This morning I flew over Newark. Controling a plane myself. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Broadway Brian boards a plane for his first flight along with a brave Issaic the instructor. Photo by Marianne Albarez

About to take flight for the first time at the controls. Photo by Issaic the Instructor

I visited my old college campus last Tuesday afternoon on a whim with a childhood friend happened to be in town. Saw the New JBJ Soul Kitchen. Big props to Jon Bon Jovi for this inititive. Stopped by the old College Radio station WRNU. The students always give me a warm welcome.

The JBJ Soul Kitchen on the Campus of Rutgers Newark. Photo by Brian Hester

WRNU Rutgers Radio... In the studio. Photo by Brian Hester

When I arrived home, I saw a post on IG about a program that night at the Grammy Experience Museum located in Newark, NJ featuring one of my all-time favorite groups, Naughty By Nature. I reached out to my friend and next thing I know he is sending me a ticket. Jumped in the car and headed back to the Bricks. Brick City. Newark, NJ

Naughty By Nature members l-r Vin Rock, DJ Kay Gee, Trench take part in an indeepth interview moderated by Mark Conkiln of the Grammy Museum. Photo by GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center

Naughty By Nature preforms to an incredibly excited auidience at the Grammy Experience Museum Photo by GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center

A quick selfie with the entire Naughty By Nature group. Photo by Brian Hester

The rest of the week I was busy helping friends and growing my Redwood Trees. Not easy being a farmer these days. Especially when growing Redwoods in NJ in your living room. Yesterday I hiked several miles into deep woods in search of a nice wildlife photo. Did not see one animal? Not a squirrel, not a bird. I snapped a few photos along the way. I was disappointed at the time because I did not see any animals. Didn’t have time to look at those photos until this morning.

Trail markers on the yellow trail. Photo by Brian Hester

Circles of life in the cutaway of fallen oak. Photo by Brian Hester

Decided to go to bed early last night as I took my first flight lesson today at Linden Airport Liden, NJ. No photos from inside that experience but I was controlling / flying the airplane. A trade off that was more than fair. And probably much appreciated by the residents of northern NJ and NYC.

Why get a good nights sleep you ask? Because this won't look good.

The flight was super incredible. I can’t recommend it enough. Grammy Museum Experience, also a Must See. Naughty By Nature performance was epic! Walk in the woods turned out very nice. Redwoods are growing well. Updates on all this coming up today.

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